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effects_junkies's Journal

Guitar Effect Junkies
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Community for discussion of guitar effect pedals.

Gear classifieds allowed, as long as you don't get too spammy about them (e.g. posting multiple times).

Possibly helpful outside links:
- Harmony Central - good site for user reviews of gear, etc.
- Guitar Geek - another site with a lot of info on guitar effects and other gear. Includes rigs of many musicians.
- Effects, Pedals, Strings, and Things - the effects section of The Gear Page forum.
- harshnoise.com - another site for user reviews, with a focus on noise.
- Harmony Central Effects Forum - another good (okay, much better) place for info about and discussion of guitar effects.
- Tonefrenzy.com - Contains demo clips of many guitar pedals--good resource.
- Mode Zero - Another site with sound clips, with a focus on modulation effects.
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