Antipode Cyclone (antipodecyclone) wrote in effects_junkies,
Antipode Cyclone

volume pedal / expression pedal

hey i'm looking for a volume pedal to use with my electric guitar
i am also looking for an expression pedal to use with a digitech timebender

i've been looking around but i can't even tell if there's a real difference between different volume and expression pedals made by different companies.

any suggestions?

thanks in advance
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volume pedals should have log pots and expression pedals linear pots.
so if you switch them, you'll find all the range is in the first half of the pedal's movement, and get nothing from the rest of its movement. roughly.

there's a nice solid metal volume pedal that i use. i think it's by ernie ball.

expression pedals tend to be uniformly cheap. the boss ev-5 is one. never had one go bad on me.