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Hello Friends

I recently realized that the most immediate and gratifying way to create and perform electronic music with an improvisational element will be for me to use some kind of looping device. I plan on using a bass guitar, a keyboard, a drum machine, a microphone, a looping pedal, and a handful of effects processors. I currently have a Boss DD-6 with a simple "hold" function that is tricky to use.

Here are the features of my ideal device:
  1. Has a memory card that can be loaded with pre-recorded loops
  2. Provides easy transition between pre-recorded loops
  3. Provides a loop "undo" feature that lets me erase one or more loops in the loop "stack"
  4. Allows for long, multi-bar loops (8 or even 16 bars of 4/4 would be awesome)
It would be cool, too, to have these features built into a software application aimed at live performance to help me avoid the cost of buying a feature-packed looping pedal. The problem with PC's is latency, though. In any case, do you or anyone you know use a laptop for live looping?

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