yeah, i live on the hellmouth. (vichan) wrote in effects_junkies,
yeah, i live on the hellmouth.

I'll share my pain here...

... since you guys might sympathize more than others would.

My car was broken into last night. My alarm went off and scared them off before anything else happened, but not before they snagged my pedal bag.

Among all my cords, my one-spot, miscellaneous gear, all of my pedals are now gone. *sobs in corner* I'll miss my Boss RC-20 Looper and Electro-Harmonix Little Big Muff the most. I also lost a Boss digital delay that I just got last week, and I have to buy my friend a new phaser pedal.

Fortunately, all of my instruments were with me, but I completely forgot that my bag was in my car until I realized it was gone.

So this isn't just me whining, let's turn it into this: I am now starting with a fresh slate. I'm not necessarily going to replace my pedals with the exact ones I had before. What pedals do you guys use that you can't live without?
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